IHK – Copenhague


How are team-mates???

However, first of all, i’m sorry for my english. Still, it’s getting better.

As you know, i had been in copenhague for 3 weeks. I had not too much time for to do something not relationated with my course. It was so hard, but now i have finished with a very good qualification ;-)) jeje… It was a Design & Development course, and this is my life, u know?? jeje

I’m sorry for my not early entry, but i was really busy…

I was studying in the School of Engineer (IHK). Here, there are two universitys: IHK & DTU. The first one is only for engineers. I asked them about the entrepenaurship but they didn’t know tell me something about this.

Forever, the engineers are very correct, not polite, and we thought don’t need it. It’s wrong, we all need more entrepenaur culture. ENGINEERS!! Lets just learn…

Here, in truth, there are a lot of programmes for help you in your job-finding. There are very good and big companies, and bussiness like consultings, or bigger companies about construction and design.
I have a really good book about this jobs, the different kinds of bussiness there’re in Denmark. I’ll show you when we start to work, dont worry 😉 If you want find a good job here, i think is not complicated.

This country is very rich, the gobernement has a lot of money because it’s very expensive comparing the rest of countries, and the taxs and tolls are the 50% of their job-sald. There’re a really good life, and different kinds of persons. A very important cosmopolitan city. I like it… 😉

I’m sorry for didn’t find it anything but i hadn’t too much blindtime, sorry, and i think that Denmark is not the best country about entrepenaurship.

The best regards from Copenhagen…

Keep in touch.

Let’s grow up with GAZE 🙂

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