we’re blue, we’re white!

Last week the “Donosti-cup” football tournament took place in San Sebastian, where teams from all over the world participated.

I had the chance to be the guide of an English team: Island Schools, from the Island of Wight. A team that I would never change! Maybe I was a little bit nervous the first day, I  was about to spend the whole week with a 16-year-old-boys team, leaded by two couches and three fathers… it seemed like too many men. Now I feel the week has gone too fast!

It was imposible to get bored during the matches, i really saw magic in the field 🙂 .We also had time to go to the beach and visit the city: the old part, a walk in the Paseo Nuevo, take the funicular to go to Igeldo… The first day we went to La Concha beach, the most beautiful in San Sebastian. However, after knowing Zurriola beach the second day, they only wanted to go to the waving beach! yeah!

We always had lunch and dinner in Anoeta, with the rest of the teams of the tournament. One day a huge paella was prepared. It was very good, although my english friends  couldn’t believe that we eat rabbits. Pour bunnies. One of the players showed an unusual like for prawns…

We had different activities during the week, including a disco in the Kursaal the last night.

Jack E, Luke, James, Jordy, Rai, Will, Ollie, Lewis, Phil, Harvey, George, Weddeiz, Dan, Dean and Alex: I hope you had a very good time here. You’re very funny and educate, and get on well with each other. It’s a good idea if you could meet once a week and keep playing. You’re a good team. Of course, I’d like to be your guide again if you come to the Donosti-cup next year.

Neil: don’t lose your sense of humour. I promise I’d tell the couch driver to go faster if you come again. 😉

Mike: I envy your positivism. You are a very optimist and responsible person. Thank you for everything.

Paul, Peter E. and Peter T.: you’re the funniest fathers I’ve ever known, I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to know you.

I hope the best for all of you!


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Una respuesta a we’re blue, we’re white!

  1. laura dijo:

    solo habia que mirarte cuando recordabas esa semana, para notar cuánto disfrutaste!!!


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